Counselor - Mrs. Stockstad

Dear Evergreen Students and Families~

Welcome to the Evergreen Primary School Counseling Page! My name is Jennifer Stockstad and I am the new school counselor here at Evergreen. I am glad you have found this page, and I hope that I can be a resource for you in accessing school counseling services here in the University Place School District.

School Counseling Services

The Mission of Evergreen Primary is to ensure that all students have the academic and social foundations for future learning.The school counseling program is a foundational piece of that mission. I am here full time- 5 days a week to support students in a variety of areas including:

  • Teaching specific skills to help students succeed in personal/social realm.
  • Helping to resolve problems that interfere with student learning.
  • Advocating for children and families with a variety of needs.
  • Linking families with community resources and support.
  • Offering a menu of social/behavior interventions and social skills lessons to individual students, small groups, and whole classrooms.
  • Building the beginning foundations of career and college readiness skills.
  • Ensuring privacy of information shared by parents and students in a safe and confidential environment.

How do I see the School Counselor?

First of all, please feel free to stop by! My door is always open unless I am meeting with students or a family. I am located directly across from the main office, next door to the PTA office. Parents and families may request a meeting with me by contacting the main office or by e-mailing me directly Students may request to see me by filling out a counseling referral form (located outside my office), or may be referred by a family member, teacher, the principal or other staff members.

I believe that communication with families is a key piece to the success of all students.I will contact families directly when there is a significant problem, a need for the family to become involved, or when on-going counseling is recommended.I usually do not contact families when making routine connections with kids, such as meeting new students, answering questions from lessons, reinforcing the same content that is being taught by classroom teachers, or working with normal, every day developmental concerns such as helping students solve small problems at recess. I also hope that you would contact me if you have a question or concern about your child.

All communications are confidential as offered under the guidelines of the American School Counselor Association.This is limited by Washington state laws 26.44.030 and 419B.010 which require all school personnel to report child abuse and neglect to law enforcement or child protective authorities.

The professional background of school counselors in University Place School District equips them to understand student, staff and family concerns; assist in researching and recommending appropriate educational interventions; and communicate choices available to students and families.I come to Evergreen with 10 years of elementary school counseling experience. I have Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington. I am also certified by the State of Washington to work in the roles of school counseling and school social work.

Family Resource Assistance

If you need assistance in becoming connected with social services or community resources (clothing, school supplies, food, housing, community counseling, recreational activities, etc.), please feel free to contact me directly at 566-5680.Remember, all communications are confidential. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you soon!


Jennifer Stockstad, MSW

School Counselor