WA Children's Choice Picture Books 2019-2020

Washington Children's Choice Picture Books are selected by a group of Washington librarians each year and sponsored by the Washington Library Media Association. They are delightful titles. We have included them here to provide you with a list of recommended books to read to your children. Students will get an opportunity to vote for their favorite in April and the results of the statewide voting will be shared!

Boo-Boos That Changed the World
Can I Be Your Dog?
Dear Substitute
Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick
Friends and Foes
Fruit Bowl
I got a Chicken for My Birthday
I Want That Nut!
Inky's Amazing Escape: How a Very Smart Octopus Found His Way Home
Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise
Little Brown
Neck & Neck
Philomena's New Glasses
Potato Pants!
Rot, the Cutest in the World
Saving Fiona: The Story of the World's Most Famous Hippo
Ugly Five
Wall in the Middle of the Book
We Don't Eat our Classmates
Word Collector