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Eagle Pride

Eagle Pride

The Mission of Evergreen Primary is to ensure that all students have the academic and social foundations for future learning. We have adopted the following motto to assist in this goal:

At Evergreen, I am and Eagle
I am respectful and responsible
I am safe and kind
We all belong at Evergreen


Students who consistently demonstrate Eagle Pride are doing their part in obtaining academic and social success. Their efforts will be recognized and celebrated in a variety of ways, such as: weekly Eagle Pride slips, Eagle Pride passes distributed for being caught showing Eagle Pride, and the opportunity to have their picture on an Eagle Pride bulletin board for self-reporting Eagle Pride.

Occasionally, students may demonstrate non-Eagle Pride behavior. We are committed to teaching appropriate school behaviors and realize that making mistakes is an important part of learning. In most cases of poor student behavior, a verbal reminder (such as Think about your choices) will be enough to direct a student back to their Eagle Pride ways. However, when a verbal reminder is not enough, the following may be applied:

Think Time

We use a technique called THINK TIME to create a positive classroom environment whenever any student exhibits a behavior that is disruptive to the class. The technique emphasizes the seriousness of education, respectfulness of the classroom environment, and the importance of students taking responsibility for their own behavior. THINK TIME has two parts. The first part is designed to allow students to focus and gain self-control by asking them to either move to another classroom or sit off to the side of the class (depending on the grade level).The second part involves providing the students with feedback about their behavior and an opportunity for him or her to plan for future success in the classroom.

Lunch Recess Detention

Lunch Recess Detention will be earned by students who repeatedly use THINK TIME (three times in a week for example) or by those who demonstrate behavior that warrants an immediate office referral (see below).Lunch Recess Detention will be served during the students next lunch recess at a designated location. Students are to sit quietly and respond only to the supervising teacher. Students who have earned Lunch Recess Detention will also sit alone during lunch that day. If a student has lunch recess detention, they will not earn an Eagle Pride slip that week.

After School Detention

After-School Detention will be earned by students who repeatedly have lunch recess detention or by those who demonstrate severe behavior that warrants an immediate office referral (see below).It will be served at a designated location from 2:25-3:30pm on the day of the infraction unless we are unable to notify parents. Students are to sit quietly and respond only to the supervising adult. Students may read or work independently on homework. Parents are responsible for transportation.

**Immediate office referral**

Any student engaging in the following behavior will be referred to the office immediately:

  • Fighting/violent behavior/physical harm
  • Refusal to comply
  • Threatening/bullying/harassment
  • Blatant disrespect towards staff
  • Vandalism/theft
  • Weapons

The principal will notify parents and assign appropriate consequences. Please note that any of the above offenses may result in suspension or expulsion in accordance with UPSD School Board policy #3300.